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          These monthly dinners are a great place are a great place to meet professional psychics in a laid back setting, get quick readings and witness psychic phenonmena first hand.  Extended readings are available by appointment, please connect with Psychics directly.

You are also welcome to join us just to relax and share stories, experiences and support.

Looking for something else? click Private Dinners, Readings and Events Available Here

Advanced Reservations highly recommended – Dinners fill quickly.  your printed receipt is your ticket to the dinner

$20 Reservation Fee does not include meal, drinks or private readings.



APRIL 4/19 @ 5:00

Hyde Park Bar and Grill

4206 Duval Street



So I hear nothing but GREAT things about this place, but I’ve never been, so – LET’S GO!

If we were at the Mother’s Cafe Dinner, Hyde Park is right across the street.  This month we are having an open conversation and inviting guests to bring questions for quick readings.  These are a great place to connect with psychics in a laid back setting, and you can make private appointments for extended readings later, if you really connect with someone.  Great food, Psychic Conversations and “Otherworldly” experiences…FUN!

Multiple Reservations are available.  If the dinner is SOLD OUT you will be redirected to this page.

6 responses to “Make A Reservation

  1. hi, very interested in the upcoming one I heard about however, every time I try to click on something it won’t let me. The one that you are having for Oct.

    • Hi Gail,

      The only dinners I’ve got on the site are private events right now. BUT I will be putting public dinners (there is one each month on the third Saturday of the month) up within the next couple of days. I am just running a bit behind right now! :) If you are trying to reserve for a private dinner you were invited to attend please contact your organizer for the password. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming dinner!
      Thanks!! Deb

      • Do you ever hold public dinners/get-togethers in Georgetown or Round Rock? Would enjoy attending one. The commute into Austin is difficult.

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