This is a post I refer to ALL THE TIME so I am putting it up here – Your Combo Meal. I really invite you to think a little about your OWN combo meal, we refer to this all the time at dinners. Take a second to consider, or a couple of hours, however long it takes for you to come to a conclusion – about how your own abilities work together. You may be surprised with what you come up with. If you feel led to share it on the comments – this page is for everyone – who knows, your combo meal may inspire someone to consider their own.

Calling ALL Clairs…What’s your Psychic COMBO meal?

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April 16, 2012

So, I’ve been talking to people lately about their own “psychic combo meals”  so I thought I’d throw it out here and see who nibbles…I’ve had a few emails directly from individuals saying they wanted to share something with me, but didn’t want to post to the blog for whatever reason – so let me say this – if you get something out of reading the blog, please feel FREE to share it!   This isn’t just my blog.  I put this here so people would connect and share their own experiences!  SOOOO I’m going to ask you to submit (yes, this is an INTERACTIVE POST!!) your psychic combo meal below.

WAIT, what is a Psychic combo meal anyway??

Whatever your MAIN ability is – that’s your BURGER – the biggest hunk of your meal.

Your secondary sensibility is your FRIES.  Still a big part of the meal, but, well, secondary.

Your last little something that helps it all blend together, yep you got it!  That’s your DRINK.

Now I hate to use FAST FOOD as my visual, but let’s face it, who hasn’t had a combo mealsomewhere…everyone at least knows what it looks like.

SO let me give you the example of what my meal looks like:

Clairaudience – (I hear words or phrases, usually from behind my right ear) and Clairvoyance – (I see mental pictures – I call them “visual stamps” or something like a short movie in my head)  work together to create my burger.

My Fries are Claircognizance, and more specifically, Verbal Claircognizance.  By that I mean I say a word, number, phrase and so on that means nothing to me, but is very specific to a client or whoever I am having the conversation with.    Interestingly enough, it requires the other party to be present for it to be relative!  Many times I receive information for people I haven’t even met yet.  But when I meet them, I know it’s FOR them.  It kind of rises up to the top of all the information floating around in my head…

My Drink is probably Timing.  Timing?  You may ask??  Timing is definitely an important part of what I do.  Like a drink, it’s the binder.  During a conversation I can see where information needs to be placed for the receiver to gain the full benefit.  THAT’S where manipulation (please!  Don’t take this as a negative!  Manipulation can be very neutral)  Maybe if it makes you feel better consider it…Maneuvering.  If I am reading someone and they are resisting the message (and they give me cues either way that they are resisting or receiving)  I have to keep introducing the information in new ways, gently.  Especially if they REALLY need to get it.  Sometimes this is exhausting, and sometimes I have to let it go.  That’s why I provide an audio recording as well, so clients can go back and review information later when they are in a different place.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of pressure people put on themselves when attending a reading!

So that’s my combo meal – now I’d like to hear from anyone who reads this – and that means you.  High Clairvoyants and “regular” people alike.  You may know your combo, or you may just have a “psychic” story to share, or something you consider “just a coincidence”… the reason I’m asking you to share is this – I want to get information out there to show other people we ALL have this – these gifts.  And if someone reads what YOU wrote, it may spark a connection in them..HEY – that sounds like ME!  I do that too, or that happens to me all the time!  This all goes back to connections.  I’m a connector and I want others to see how very much we are all connected.

So let’s hear it.  Let’s hear about those Psychic Combo Meals!

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  • Kirby

    My value meal? As I have been thinking about this, and have been talking to some people, I think mine have changed. OR maybe I had it wrong to begin with. I was thinking that my triple plain with cheese ketchup and onion burger was a Clair that uses a sense of feeling. (I have not taken the time yet to learn the all the different “Clairs” so I just say clair, hope not to upset) I describe it like this, if I am to know of a man with a hat then instead of seeing a man with a hat I have the sensation of a hat being placed on my head or me doing the motion myself. I rarely will see an image but could almost act it out if I had to do so. I think I am describing this right.

    So after a few weeks I’m noticing more and more that it may be secondary or a reaction to what comes first. I never realized or took the time to understand how I got the feeling/information, just naturally went with it. I’m thinking the information is given to me somehow and then I process it that way. “somehow” is what I am about to try and explain. Ok, so, it’s like this, I think, it is almost as if it just pops in my head. Not really a conversation like I am talking to someone but the information is . . . planted there. This is tough to explain. There are times when I can communicate but it is not like the “planted” method. I tell these apart mainly because it always comes in the same exact spot on my head (thank you Sub.Clair for saying you get them by your right ear because that made me feel more validated) while other information comes from the usual way when you look like you’re a crazy person talking to yourself staring in to thin air. You all know what I am talking about. Your friends yell at you stop or ask you “what?”

    Keep in mind that I just recently took interest in learning about this and would consider myself a newb. With that being said and not wanting to start over or erase this I think I may have this wrong. As I was typing this I came to this, sorry. Maybe it has nothing to do with order, or what comes first, but more of what is the most beneficial. IDK. Either way, I use those two the most with the feeling clair being the most active.

    There goes my triple and fry, what about my drink? Not sure really. Let me try to think back and place myself in a scenario. As I am thinking I notice a common theme. It is my secret weapon that I do and people have no idea. Sub. Clair. calls it manipulation, I’ll go with that because it is true. I just never thought of it in that way but it sort of is. This clair ( if it is one ) is really helpful for moving things along or bringing out things they may be kind of hidden, kind of like a real good assistant. It also helps with winning, I mean ending conversations. ;)

    This is my combo meal, while there may be some other clairs that are used these are my go-to guys. I mentioned in the beginning that they may have changed, still not giving up on that thought I think about being a kid. As a kid I could see “stuff” regularly. By “see” I mean as if they were actually standing right in front of me like an actual physical person. I describe a particular time in my life with the idea of my home being like a train station. There were people coming and going daily and from all different time periods. From Civil War soldiers to what seemed to be people from The Great Depression era to closer to present day, all kinds of different people. NOW I see that very, very, rarely. When I do it just the corner of the eye thing or just missing them turn the corner. Not sure if I have a point or what I mean to get from posting this, just thought I would share.

  • Jesse

    Hi there,

    I’ve recently stumbled across (was guided to) your blog through craigslist and really enjoy the discussions!

    I don’t have my “combo meal” together quite yet, but I am very interested in your experience. I wanted to ask your advice on some things involving clairvoyance and inner/higher guidance. I have recently gone through 2nd degree Reiki attunement and i’ve been having some experiences with becoming more connected to this guidance. Do you have any advice on how to clear my own thoughts from the thoughts that come in from “elsewhere” so that I can create clearer communication? I do know that there is occasionally a “feeling” involved with the communication from what i believe to be my guides. . . is this something that i should give more attention to?
    On another note, i can relate to the number experiences that you speak about. Often times while asking for guidance, I am flashed a third eye vision of a number or series of numbers very clearly. Do you have any advice on how these numbers could be translated?

    Thank you!!! Hope to hear back from you soon!

  • Love this post! Combo meal…what a great way to introduce and affirm everyone’s uniqueness even though we claim the gifts of clairvoyance.

    This is an exciting exercise!

    I guess the “meat” of my gifts involves my empathic ability to pick up and read energy blocks and illnesses in the body (what I call a body scan/energy work) and using Reiki and healing energy to help someone heal on a deeper emotional level. Sometimes the blocks or illnesses are not emotionally related but a part of someone’s spiritual journey and sometimes the illnesses are blocks that can be healed on a physical level.

    The “potatoes” of my clairvoyance would be the ability to see movie reels and still shots along with seeing words anc ocassionally hearing from guides, spirits, angels who share their messages. The biggest challenge with this type of clarivoyance is “reading” the information accurately as I try to describe what I see and hear. I have to remove my own filters and ego from the interpretation of the message. An example – when I did a body scan for my uncle before we realized he had cancer I saw what looked like red jewels that were oblong and packed together. I wondered what the heck it meant until a week later he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. That is the symbol I see for cancer in the body. What I learned is that pictures may not always make sense in your own reference point but you can describe them as accurately as possible and let go of the need to “get” the message.

    What makes it all mesh together is the continual messages I pick up on from music lyrics, billboards, commercials, TV, maybe an overheard conversation in passing.. sometimes it is simply about being “tuned in” to the messages of spirit that WE ALL get bombarded with on a daily basis.

    Thank you for asking this question!
    Peace ♥


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