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Clairvoyant, Akashic Records reader, Alchemy Crystal Bowls Conductor and creator of Unstitching.

One More in September and October Events and a new dinner TBA

Hello FALL! (Wish it were a little cooler here but hey, it’s Texas….)

Here’s what’s going on this weekend and into next month…

Saturday September 28 at 7:00pm  at Minx + Muse      event link below

Join this circle of lunar love as we come together in ceremony to harness the energies of the New Moon in Libra! Led by Tara Valkyrie and Deborah Hernandez Antich.

The evening will include an astro discussion, journaling ritual, oracle card reading, intention setting, and an alchemy crystal bowl sound bath! Drinks and light snacks will also be served.

October is a busy month, I’ll be up in Dallas next week for readings and playing the bowls – I’ve got appointments open for Tarot and Full Clair sessions on Tuesday October 1st – you can contact me at 512-368-8428 to schedule or if email is easier –

I’m bringing my Bowls so look for a pop up event somewhere too…I’ll post those to Instagram (@travelingpsychic)

October 4  at 7:00pm

Bring ALL your tools to get them cleansed and cleared!  Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Crystals – whatever you use bring it and we’ll clear it with sound with the Beautiful Alchemy Crystal Bowls.  Relax and Rejuvenate and get clear too!  We’ll have a conversation afterwards to see what all came up during the play.

at Buck to Basics Yoga Studio in Leander link below

There’s way more to come in October, so stay tuned and I look forward to connecting here, on instagram or in person some time soon.  For all my people everywhere else – what all have you been up to?  How have you let your intuition lead you this past year, and now into this last part of the year?  What are you moving towards?  And what are you moving away from?

For me, I’m moving towards travel.  That camper or RV is still in my future, and a couple of cool events are in the works.  🙂

This is a transitional time, and for me the first year in 13 that I didn’t have a kid starting school this fall.  In some ways it’s lonely, but in other ways invigorating.  Soccer which was such a HUGE part of our lives, is past.  But that time is now being filled up with more readings, events and collaborations with locals as well as those further out in the Lone Star State.  Travel is truly becoming incorporated more into my work, so I’m looking forward to seeing and connecting with more people.  If you are looking to partner or collaborate, let me know.  Or if you just want to leave a comment to let me know what all you have been up to I’d love to know.  The best part of this work is seeing the people around me grow in their own ways and connect.  ❤

Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Crystals, Tarot + Day of the Dead

Short post because a lot is going on here and I hope all things are well in your world!

I play a lot and record a lot but I’m not great at putting it up, so here’s a small taste of what’s been going on, still doing readings and have created an in home studio so doing private readings here now too!  🙂

Alchemy Crystal Bowls – I met them at SXSW when I spoke – and aquired a set shortly after.  There’s a long story but that’s for later.  Here is one of my favorite “plays” – at the Black Gazebo at the Arboretum at 360 and 183 in Austin.  The Meetup group met there (Traveling Psychic Supper Club Meetup on if you are interested – I’m about to start adding events there again).  It was a beautiful evening here is the video.  If you want me to play the bowls for you in my studio in a private session, or in your home for a group, let me know.  I’ve also played them for a very special Newborn’s nursery and for those nearing End of Life, and would love to play your wedding or special event.  Here’s the video from the Black Gazebo.

I also have a youtube channel – Traveling Psychic Supper Club.

Here’s the link:

I’m on instagram too: @travelingpsychic – I post upcoming events there too, and when I’m traveling so I can connect with people faster than through the blog.  And I’m doing some events in Austin and Dallas and Houston soon.

I’m running out of time but I’ll post them here SOON!  Right now I’m getting ready for a private dinner out of town, so have to sign off for now.  I’d love to hear from you and how you’ve been – the blog used to be how I communicated with everyone but I’ve been off for so long – I’d love to reconnect with my people and hope everyone is doing well!  XO – Deb


POP UP DINNER – July 25, 2019 – Thai Fresh, Austin

Hello again after a long blog hiatus – lots is happening so I’ll jump right in

TIME FOR DINNERS AGAIN!  Pop up dinner tomorrow at Thai Fresh, we’ve got 4 spaces left.  Lowdown on dinners below purchase button.  Thai Fresh is delicious – see pics.  I’m posting this to FB, Insta and the Meetup so if you think you want to go, purchase now!  Hope to see you ! 🙂

Image result for thai fresh austin

This Month’s Dinner is at Thai Fresh

on July 25 at 6:00pm

Located at 909 West Mary Street, Austin, Texas  


                                                                                                                                                  (reservation does not include cost of meal)

Image result for thai fresh austin    Image result for thai fresh austin

                                     Photo from Thai Fresh site                                                                                           Photograph: Jam Sanitchat

Monthly Traveling Psychic Supper Club                      Discussion & Development Dinner

Meet @travelingpsychic Deb – And share a meal.  Sometimes it’s easier to talk at a small intimate dinner instead of in a larger group setting.  Each month Deb hosts a dinner open to the public at a locally owned restaurant.  Reservations are limited.  During these cozy dinners the conversation includes anything and everything intuition/channeling/psychic related.  Have an experience you want explained?  Repeated patterns an issue?  Bring your questions, hear some stories and expect anything.  To be included on the guest list for this month’s dinner purchase your reservation above.

Dinners fill up fast, if you miss out keep an eye on Instagram (@travelingpsychic)  for the following month and other upcoming events in Austin, Dallas and Houston.  Reservations for public dinners are $35 per guest, multiple reservations are available.  Cost of meal is not included.


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