Here are some of our past, present and future topics of discussion.  At dinners the topics bounce around, and I’ve even brought a topic for the dinner that we didn’t even get to…any one remember REMOTE VIEWING?  Yea, we never even got to it at the dinner where it was supposed to be the main topic.  That’s how this group works.  Our discussion goes in the direction we are led.  It works for us.

The 4 Clairs



CLAIRSENTIENCE (Strong sense of Intuition, receiving through Feelings)

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (A sure and certain “Knowing”)

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO BE AN EMPATH – pros and cons                      ADD/ADHD CHILDREN

SOCIAL ANXIETY/DEPRESSION and the link to “psychic” abilities                  Premonitions

Removing Blocks            Can Trauma open Psychic Abilities?     Are Autistic individuals also Psychic?

Does anyone have anything to add?  That we’ve discussed or want to discuss in the future?