Updated January 4, 2016

We are a working team of individuals practicing

 Connected Quantum Entrainment

We are no longer just a social supper club but that continues to be the working name.  That simple beginning was how we found each other, via dinners, then radio, and word of mouth.  We are a growing number of individuals who encompass and access characteristics of the Psi-Spectrum and are accessing these skills to work together.  We are working in tandem communicating verbally, telepathically and energetically.
We are engaging on a full-time basis, receiving information building what is easiest described as a “web” – how it has been shown from the beginning – which for all purposes  is a mind to mind connection, like the internet but exactly the opposite because it’s all internal, meaning inside of each of us instead of separate.  This is a superhighway of pure information and energy exchange which has open access to and from the ethers (From the Greek word meaning “pure air” or “upper air”) at all times.  Individuals involved are accessing, exchanging and verifying information on a regular basis and the information does not change, but additional “pieces” are coming in regularly to “flesh out” what can only be referred to as the New Way.  Old ways are falling apart, old structures are ramshackle and unsteady.  


The New Way is already breaking through and being “installed” and implemented.  For some this new way will be terrifying and can not be sustained.  For others this new structure is welcome and will be embraced.
Simply put, this is the evolution of our existence and it’s already begun, happening now, starting with individuals and their families.  What has begun cannot be undone.              This is real, and it is happening.  Anyone who chooses to can dispel, ridicule or dismiss it, and will.  But the facts are there and becoming more and more evident every day.                                  This is The New Way.


This is how we started out:

We’re an open group that is constantly changing.

We meet at different restaurants around Austin once a month.

Guests range from professional psychics to people that have “something” but don’t know what it is, or had “something” and feel they’ve lost it.  Or people that are just interested in the topic.  Anyone is welcome to join us.

Each dinner has a different topic of discussion, and the guest list is always changing.  Dinners are capped at 10 to keep discussions small and intimate so attendees can ask questions, talk openly and feel involved.


TPSC exists to provide support to people on all different levels , and those levels are always changing.  This group is constantly evolving, real relationships are created, and we have a lot of fun.  We are a group made up of REAL people working with and developing our own psychic profiles while helping others do the same.


We’re usually pretty casual.  This is Austin after all.

1 year anniversary at Gusto

The Chronicle describes us perfectly – Aren’t we all a little psychic?  The group includes but isn’t limited to: Empaths, Clairvoyants, Mediums, See-ers, Channelers, people who have premonitions, people who see ghosts, animal communicators and others that have “something” but don’t know exactly what it is.

Some members have experienced an expansion of their own senses, as well as adding completely new abilities to the ones they already possess.   We come from all walks of life and are “normal looking”, not swami’s, hippies or “lofty” spiritual types.  We are just a group that shares some incredible capabilities and come together to expand them even more through experiences and discussion.  Over a meal.  I invite you to join us and learn something about your own psychic abilities.

Fonde san miguel

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