Monthly Traveling Psychic Supper Club Discussion & Development Dinner   

Meet Deb – And share a meal.  Sometimes it’s easier to talk at a small intimate dinner instead of in a larger group setting.  Each month Deb hosts a dinner open to the public at a locally owned restaurant.  Reservations are limited to 6.  During these cozy dinners the conversation includes anything and everything intuition/channeling/psychic related.  Have an experience you want explained?  Repeated patterns an issue?  Bring your questions, hear some stories and expect anything.  To be included on the guest list for this month’s dinner purchase your reservation here:

Dinners close once we reach 6 guests and you can be placed on the waitlist for the following month.  Reservations for public dinners are $45 per guest, cost of meal is not included.  Multiple reservations are available.

Create your own Private Dinner or Event


Private Residence

10 – 15 people.  Guests gather to eat comfortably and casually in a living area, outdoors or around a large table while Deb is part of the group, and presents at the same time.

Time 2 – 3 hours.
The evening is fun, casual and anything can happen.  Guests may ask general questions, specific questions, etc. I relay to them what I receive.  Often people who come together for an event are getting something out of what I tell not only themselves, but each other.
I have found in this work people are connected by their information, and all not only benefit from the whole evening, but continue to have aha moments after the initial event.  There are lots of laughs and often tears, but in a good way.  10 guest minimum $55 per guest.  (travel outside of Austin includes a small travel fee) 

Private Dinner – Restaurant or Event:


A Private Room is preferred.
Anywhere from 10 +  For larger groups I give more of a presentation, then sit with smaller groups and share time with each group.
10 guest minimum $55 per guest.  (travel outside of Austin includes a small travel fee) 
For larger events, special sessions or retreat style events please email me
I enjoy working with individuals and organizations to create special events.
Thank you for your interest in the Traveling Psychic Supper Club!