We’re all in it. All over the world. What used to be the simplest thing – going to a movie, running in anywhere you want without the concern of being around or brushing up against someone….changed. So my question for today is – how has Covid 19 affected your intuition?

For me – personally, it sucks. Being introverted and extroverted, my extrovert is really feeling the sting. My extrovert is feeing…sorrow. I knew I got something from being around people, but until being forced to not be around people I didn’t know just how much. Just being in PROXIMITY to others feeds me. While writing this I’m seeing a stream – like the current in Finding Nemo – the EAC – that current is what living used to feel like. And I miss it.

The other day I took my son’s car to the mechanic – literally – the shop’s name is The Mechanic. We used to go there all the time, when we had older cars. When we got new cars we stopped going but when my son inherited his great grandmother’s car – well now we have a need for The Mechanic again. When I used to go in the past I’d chat with the owner – a guy (to me, a kid really) with amazing just..energetic energy. You may or may not understand what I mean by that – but you know when someone’s smile just lights up a room, that kind of energy. We’d talk about the shop, he races cars, we’d talk about that. And the amount of ENERGY that just flows when he would talk about cars and racing – it could fill a room. I always left feeling so happy and almost high, just off of that passionate energy. When I went back (it’s been a couple of years) and he recognized me, I felt a wave of that crazy energy again as we started talking and catching up. Even when he was giving me bad news about the car – that energy was there. THAT’S what I miss. Being at home, barely seeing anyone, having those experiences that start out mundane…but then you touch on something the other person is passionate about – and BAM! Those are the experiences that feed me and keep the tank full. It’s organic, it’s simple, that energy that’s everywhere, waiting to be tapped by a simple conversation, a smile, an experience. The things that take place outside our homes, outside our comfort zones…those little things are the pretty big things I miss.

I’d love to hear how you have been doing through Covid. Has your intuition been affected positively or negatively? I’m still able to channel and connect intuitively, it just takes more energy. I didn’t realize how much…fuel…I got from pulling energy from around me, it even feels like just energy that’s present residually from people having just been in a space. I do get a lot from nature. I’ve taken lots of walks and we go to the dog park, except when it’s too cold. My animals help. And I hope this isn’t coming off as whiney or ungrateful, we have been healthy and I know many people have lost people that they love, their livelihoods, etc. I hope you and yours are staying well and I look forward to when we can all be together again. XO