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February 2013

South Congress Cafe – Lunch, Tarot and Scouting Restarurants

Friday I spent the day with fellow Traveling Psychic Supper Club member Susan Hansson – an amazingly gifted Tarot card reader, author of 3 books on Tarot and Intuitive formerly from the East Coast. In fact, I think she moved here to become a part of our group…Stranger things have definitely happened… We ducked in and out of boutiques and vintage stores on South Congress – no, I will NEVER call it SO-CO…

And landed in South Congress Cafe.

2013-02-07 13.00.37

One of the great things about Susan, is if you are having a conversation, and have a question, she’ll say, “Well, let’s ask the cards.” So we did. Right there in the middle of South Congress Cafe.  She’s also available for persona readings, you can find her website below.

First, let me say, a couple of years ago this would have been unheard of for me. I’ve never really connected with Tarot, until meeting Susan.  Her style of reading is so wonderfully casual, it’s not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. Her style, is of course just like her. Easy to talk to. Positive. And always RIGHT ON THE MONEY. She gave me a wonderful gift of the Palladini Deck and Book set, which literally she wrote the book for.  Click the image to check it out on Amazon…it’s got a nice little chunk of the book there.  It’s out of stock at that location, but you can get the whole set here:


I’m so thankful for the gift because I wouldn’t have ever bought my own deck, because like I said, I’ve never really had an interest in Tarot. But Susan did a great job of showing me how to consult the deck, I was intrigued.  It’s not this big thing, like I thought.  It’s not what you think at all.  No incense.  No scarves draped over lamps.  No need for fanciness.  KNOWING Susan I let go of all those stereotypes.  Shes’ a regular person, like the rest of us in the Supper Club.  Click the pic or the link below to go straight to her website.  🙂

Tarot is easy.  Just a simple question, and an answer.  It can be a full reading or a single card pull.  I’d always steered clear of Tarot because I thought it was complicated.  It’s not.  And it’s for everyone who wants to use it, it’s just another tool.

SO anyway, she pulled out the cards and read them in the restaurant!  What a fun time.

Lots of people looking over, interested, or distracted…whatever you want to call it, I was totally into the reading, Susan was the  one that noticed what was going on around us…Back to the reading- it showed exactly what I thought it would, and introduced some new thoughts that were on the outside of my mind.  That’s one of the great things about the cards, they confirm and affirm, but also shed light on the outer edges of your thoughts.  Susan was the reader, but I weighed in as well.  We came to conclusions together.  It was perfect.   She sees things in the individual cards – and since she wrote the book, is very knowledgable of each and every one.  It’s really fascinating, and enlightening her take on every card, and it’s different every time, depending on the cards around that specific card.  Like I said, I’m still learning.  But I have an amazing mentor and teacher – and best of all friend.

And for any of y’all that notice the double Page of Pentacles – there’s a funny story as to why there are two in Susan’s specific personal deck.  the regular deck only has one of each card.  But for this specific reading, I’ll take a Double Page of Pentacles.  OH YEA!!

Oh, btw, the Crab Cakes at South Congress Cafe are delicious.  We also had the Seared Tuna Salad which was tasty as well.  If you’re over on South Congress – stop in for a Crab Cake, you’ll be glad you did!  Click the crab cake pic below to check out their website and menu…If you’ve eaten there’s what’s your favorite dish?  Anyway, happy Sunday, we’re off to the river…again!


2013-02-07 13.42.35

2013-02-07 13.42.51

Vuka, The Greatness, Buenos Aires Cafe and more, a typical Thursday night in Austin…

Since attending the East Austin Studio Tour I’ve been getting all kinds of invitations to art stuff. And I like it. Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world, but it’s got some great art too, everywhere, all the time. Last night we took advantage of a couple of those invitations…We started at VUKA, an artists co-op and work space located on Monroe St. It’s got a great open feeling with smaller spaces within that all have a different feel. There’s also a lovely open area outdoors, beneath a huge tree with tables and hammocks. I’m going to start doing a better job of taking pictures for the blog, but this is what I got last night…

2013-01-31 19.46.422013-01-31 19.57.09


2013-01-31 22.23.41  2013-01-31 20.53.07

The Greatness is a live game show that has 3 rounds, started with Comedy, then the audience chose the favorite with an X or an O that was on the program.  Pretty smart.  Then it went to Poetry (that’s when we got there) then on to Improve.  The winners of each phase ended up at the end with a member of the audience as well, playing for a $100 prize.  At one point the show included all the finalists onstage lobbing toilet paper through a hoola hoop held up by a troll who was standing about 7 feet away from us.  Yes, it was that kind of night.  And it was a blast.  The roughness of it made it real, the characters, the band, the creators and the Host – who at one point just gave up when audience members were yelling out answers to timed questions – just so you know in the future, you aren’t supposed to do that, all endeared me to this odd live show.  So if you want to see the next installment – it’s March 1.  Which it notes in the program is not the last thursday in February, but the last Friday in February!  Which is March 1.  Weird.  I know.

Yes, it’s weird.  and you should totally go.

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