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November 2012

Last Night’s Dinner…

The dinner last night was small but perfect.  The conversation if I can sum it up began with us talking about Life Cycles which led seamlessly into Past Life Experiences.  We all had something to contribute and Kelly shared some information with me today by email that I want to include here – Kelly’s stuff is in italics:

that 28 year cycle that I was talking about last night is called a Saturn return.

We were discussing different types of life cycles and how they ramp up then wind down.  I find this interesting, and know that everyone experiences their own differently, but that we also experience them COLLECTIVELY.  I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this.  For example – we each have our own life cycle.  Then within a home, a family has a cycle.  Then in the workplace there is a cycle.  I was talking about how in my marriage we have a quarterly cycle.  I’ve discussed this with other people as well…it seemed in the past my husband and I would spend the first part of the cycle peacefully, then as it progressed irritations would begin, and by the end there would be an argument – and an airing out of differences, or sharing of conflict, then the peacefulness would begin again.  The cycle would reset.  So, ultimately we would have 4 arguments a year.  Then I started to notice and give attention to it and it began to decrease.  We stopped waiting to let the grievances build and would have a simple discussion early on (in say the first month – January) instead of a blowout in March.
This conversation between the group took place at the bar, and we moved into Past Lives at the table.
The conversation moved around a bit, and involved tethers, moving forward, stepping off cliffs, the importance of connection and being connected to and coming together with others of like mind.  Here is some other information Kelly had to share – we talked about when shifts took place for ourselves personally and what that looked like.  For ME I think the most massive shift happened when I was introduced to A COURSE IN MIRACLES…
 after I had a life shaking experience which I refer to only as an Emotional Trauma.  That trauma led me to the Course.    That opened, as Kelly said about the shift he experienced – a different way of thinking.  It introduced that there EVEN IS a different way of thinking than we were RAISED WITH, or FOLLOWED BECAUSE OF SOCIETY or INSERT YOUR REASON HERE.  It shows you a different way, or path that is apart from the flocks in the fields – or the masses or whatever.  That path leads to what is literally another WORLD.  A world full of color and experience and it’s tangible.  It replaces what was there, that was just 2 dimensional and black and white.  It’s like those old TVs in the 50’s compared to the newest and biggest and clearest plasma TVs today.  AND it’s a world you create – based on what works FOR YOU.  When I was growing up there was a priest that snidely referred to this way of thinking – in the religious vein as CAFETERIA CATHOLICS.  Like it was a bad thing.  But MY question is why would you want to cram a bunch of stuff down YOUR OWN THROAT that you can’t even STOMACH in the first place?  And I’m not talking about being Catholic.  I learned a lot about myself during my childhood being raised Catholic and going to Catholic School.  One of the places I feel most peaceful is in a quiet, empty dark Catholic Church with the sun coming in through the stained glass windows in the mid afternoon.  So it’s not about that.  It’s about not letting everyone judge you and making you do what works for them.  Do what works for YOU.
WHY WOULD ANYONE DO ANYTHING ELSE?  Because they don’t know any better.  And I’m not saying it like I know so much.  I just know what my path is now and my wish for every single person on the planet is that they know what theirs is too.  Some of us may walk together, and that’s amazing.  Some of us won’t and THAT’S OK TOO.
So here is what Kelly had to share:
My #1 book on that is “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton.
After really responding to that book, this is the website I went to where it lists all the practitioners that have trained at his Institute:
This is the woman I ended up going to, who I would highly recommend:
Kirby, another member of the group has also discussed this book, Journey of Souls as life changing.  I think.  I think that was the book he was talking about….Kirby?  Input?
Finally, Bobbie had a question about being a manipulator and trying to help people.  I talked about  how no matter how much you can see what someone needs to do – you can’t make anyone do anything.  I hope no one thinks I’m being cheap by referring to an old post, but I’m going to do it anyway…he he he so Bobbie doesn’t have to sift through old posts to find the one I wanted to share.  This helps further describe what I meant.
And one last thing – to Amber – if you believe you see what you see, who’s to say you don’t?  😉
Happy Sunday everyone!

Making it Happen – Chopped and Motor Coaches

I am so excited to see everyone tonight at Gloria’s.  I had to postpone last week’s scheduled dinner because I was sick.  I’m bummed because some people who could come last week can’t make it this week.  BUT some people who couldn’t make it last weekend can come tonight.  With this development I can only sit back and remember that whoever is there on any given night is perfect, and move forward.  Lacey, Kirby – you guys will be missed.  Bobbie, I look forward to seeing you again and meeting your friends.  I am looking forward to tonight with joy and excitement.  🙂

So while writing, we’re watching Chopped – (you can click the pic to go there, if you are new to the planet or something and don’t know what it is…) one of my daughter and my favorite shows.  We’ve been watching it for years, and over those years I’ve learned so much that I’ve applied to my own life.  In this episode on of the contestants has cut herself, not once but twice.  It’s almost excruciating to watch.  She worked through the adversity like a champ and remade a major component of her dish again, in the last 5 minutes before plating.  She got it on the plate and in front of the judges.  Unfortunately while getting her hand taken care of, her meat overcooked on the grill.  Ultimately she went home, but not because of the meat, but from overuse of raw garlic in the first round, and raw onion in the second.  What does this have to do with psychic stuff or the supper club?  Her remarks before leaving – she said,

“I’ll keep moving forward, this wasn’t my time.”

What an amazing outlook.

I am inspired.  Here’s why – She was smiling and so positive.  How many times have we thought, why not me?  Why not now? I did my best!!  Why couldn’t anyone see that?  Doesn’t that count??  It takes someone amazing to see a bigger picture.   To be able to step back and say, OK, something bigger than this is on the horizon.  I don’t know what it is, but I trust.  It just wasn’t my time.  Because my time is still coming.

When I started the Supper Club I believed in it.  I saw it.  There’s even the eye on our logo- SEE??

And we did it.  But after a couple of dinners I started to second guess.

Was this doing what I wanted it to do for the people who were coming?  I didn’t know.  I was only looking at it with my own eye.  My eye was judgmental.  My eye was afraid of failure or more than failure, mediocrity.

That was Lacey’s first dinner.  She rode with me.  It was Kelley’s first dinner too.  And Dina.  After an amazing time, unbelievably (now) when we got back in the car I told Lacey, I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing the dinners.  And she turned and looked at me with huge eyes and said, WHY NOT?  and she told me how SHE saw the dinners.  When she told me I think I may have started crying a little.  She told me how I had to keep doing them.  That was a turning point for me.  Now, months later, the dinners have become a part of not only my life, but a part of me.  When I walk into a restaurant, I’m looking at it with a new eye.  I’m thinking, is the spot for our next dinner?  Now I’m looking even further into the future.  Not just next month.  But the next 3 months.  I’m searching out places that are no just cool, or different, but AMAZING.  Because that’s what my people deserve.  Or that I think, maybe – just maybe – Kirby will try something here.  Or I want to try something here.  And I want to have the conversation I want to have.  With the people I want to have it with.  So I did it.  I created it.  So I want to ask you –



Well you can’t see me, or my eyes, but I am here to tell you –


SO what does this have to do with Chopped?  Or Motor Coaches?  Well, Chopped taught me that you can do so MUCH more than what you think you can.  I learned I can do anything in 2 minutes.  THAT’S what Chopped taught me.  as for the Motor Coach – I’m mobile right?  I’m the TRAVELING PSYCHIC.  for years (and this may sound crazy – but it’s MINE not YOURS) it’s been my dream to own a trailer.  Or a Camper or something.  Then, the day before Thanksgiving this pulled up.  Next Door.  LITERALLY almost in my own front yard.

And you know what I saw?  I saw it wrapped with TRAVELING PSYCHIC SUPPER CLUB.

Now this is a big dream.  This is a BIG motor coach.  It’s a CLASS A (which before that day I had no idea what that meant).  I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving dinner visiting with the owners, who are friends with my neighbors Veronica and Albert who had us over for the day.  It was a multiple blessing.  I got to go INSIDE!  AND it’s AMAZING!!  But that blessing came with a downsides…I learned that this motor coach costs more than my house.  Minor setback.  But this is part of my dream.  A dream I’ve had for years.  And it may not be time…yet.  Right now we are only meeting in restaurants in Austin.  But I want to see this country.  HA!  This country, THIS WORLD.  I want to share what I have with other people.  And have them share who they are and what they’ve got too.    It all goes back to being connected.  And sometime, whether it’s sooner or later, I’m taking this show on the road.  Thank you to everyone for being a part of who I am.  Thank you TRAVELING PSYCHIC SUPPER CLUB!  See you tonight!  or depending on who you are and where you live see you…SOMETIME!!

The most disconnected post you may ever read…aka Deborah’s on cold meds – but it’s worth a read, all the way to the end.

Warning:  Before reading please know this is not a typical post.  Having said that please know it will include the following:  a photo from the Driskill, a list of numbers I’ve seen today, a (possibly) haunted shopping cart and some stuff about EAST.   Also, I’m working on my email list for the newsletter.  If you want to be included email me @ or if you already follow the blog you should get it.  I’ll only put out like one a month so don’t get too excited about it.  I’m not great at this  tech stuff but we’ll see what happens.  This post is kind of a clearing of my mind before moving into that.  Oh, also I wanted to share something wonderful that LITERALLY fell into my inbox today.  God I love the way the universe works…


Went out again yesterday to experience Art on the East side.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating – GO!  This is going on again next weekend and there are other event’s going on throughout the week.  Here’s a link:

Some places definitely worth checking out:

ARTPOST – stop 119 – this place is like a commune of studios.  Massive.  Lots of very different types of works.  A favorite of mine there was Cherie Weaver #119v – here is her hand made business/art card.

Talk about dedicated.  She was lovely and told me this may be the last year for these cards, so I thought I’d share it on the blog – for all to see. Continue reading “The most disconnected post you may ever read…aka Deborah’s on cold meds – but it’s worth a read, all the way to the end.”

Art on the EAST Side – Get out there Austin!

Going on this weekend and next – the EAST SIDE STUDIO TOUR.  If you haven’t been, GO.  Go right now.  Artists in East Austin open their studio doors to the public in this great event.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see art, visit with the artists, BUY art – pretty cheap I might add, and eat great food.  How much more can I tell you?  What more do you need to hear?  Why haven’t you left yet?


FREE RIDES ON THE MOUSTACHE SEE-SAW at RAD – STOP # 131-137 at 618 Tillery.


It’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.  My daughter and I having a great time.  

There’s also a swing there that’s pretty cool.  

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