I honestly can’t believe how much time passes between dinners so quickly.  It’s already almost a month since the May dinner at Epicerie which in my mind’s eye marked the end of the media whirlwind of filming, reporters, cameras and the like…for now.  So I’m looking forward to a laid back summer, laid back dinners, and a getting back to basics for the Traveling Psychic Supper Club.  But  before I get ahead of myself, here’s a quick review of the May dinner at Epicerie.

The top reason to go to Epicerie is the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I’ve driven across town to get them.  No kidding.  They are amazing.  The place is small and quaint, with an additional outdoor area.  We had chosen it because there is a small area off to the side,  that was set away from the main dining area, which would have been perfect for our group but due to some reasons we found out upon arriving the night of the dinner we weren’t able to use that space.  UGH.  So we ended up in one long table smack dab in the middle of the restaurant.  Which for the purposes of what we needed pretty much sucked.   For one thing when Epicerie is full it’s really really LOUD.  Even more so for those of us that are Clairaudiant – it’s like every person in the restaurant is screaming right into both of your ears.  Not great for conversation…This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for me…if anyone has ANY ideas for how to deal with loud background noise I’d love to hear them.  Really.  Short of wearing earplugs everywhere I’m at a loss.  Sorry that was a little tangent…

The food at Epicerie is good.  Almost everyone got an asparagus salad shown here, not huge, but tasty, and Jennifer shared her Reuben with me, which was really delicious:


Because the table was so long, it was hard to have one conversation, but there were instead 3 little conversations going on at once.  This was not great, but a few of us did some seat hopping, and joined a few different conversations here and there.  Ideally we have one big conversation, but the space and noise simply did not allow for it.  The phrase of the past few months has been “It is what it is” and that totally applied here.  Some of the conversations included the Tarot, reaching kids that seem disconnected, how we all as kids and adults “deal with” and or utilize our psychic abilities, and I heard some past life conversation floating around on the other end of the table…if anyone would like to add any additional information that I’ve left out, please do!  One of the highlights of the evening was Lacey’s birthday cake she made for Miranda, which was a carrot cake, but that doesn’t describe how unbelievably moist the cake was, how creamy the frosting was, or how overall heavenly the “cake experience” was.  You just kind of had to be there.  Here’s a picture:




Last but not least, Lacey, Susan and I moved outside and did a couple of readings.  This is NOT usual for a dinner, and because we’re all there to relax we won’t be doing it again…but it felt right so we did it this once.  For the sake of a little quiet it  did afford us  the opportunity to move to the outside area, which was really nice in the evening.  But because we left the dinner table, we missed out on some of the conversation and saying goodbye to some people who left.  So for the future I ask that anyone wanting a reading  please schedule it for a time other than the night of a dinner.  The two readings we did were wonderful, as were the ladies we read, but we left feeling a bit exhausted, so we’ll save readings for another time.  The dinners are simply a time for everyone to connect and support each other and enhance our psychic bonds and abilities.  Or if you like, just to hang out with like-minded people.   Anyone have anything to add?