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October 2012

Dining with the Dead – a Day at the Driskill – Part 1 – October 20, 2012

Thank you to everyone who joined the group on Saturday.  I appreciate each and every one of you for bringing your energy, ideas and input – we truly had a fun day at the Driskill – even though I didn’t know at the time when I booked the event that we would be sharing the hotel with the Austin Film Festival.  It was a busy and bustling time the minute I walked in.  I was so excited from just being there for the event, I wasn’t expecting all these people everywhere!  So there was tons of energy rolling around from that as well..


Lovely Harrison – Our Tour Guide Telling us about the 5th floor

First of all the Driskill Hotel is gorgeous.  Haunted or not, I could have walked around that place all day – and actually kind of did.  However, we received a top notch tour from our wonderful Guide Harrison.  The tour was informative about the history of the hotel, the Driskill Family and Austin, as well as the hauntings. We were able to go up into the hotel to the floors were a couple of suicides had taken place and explore the area.  My digital recorder picked up two different sounds that I could not identify – One a series of clicks or pops that were not heard any other place on the tape while Harrison was discussing a bride that had committed suicide.   The other, and I almost laughed when I heard this one – was also directly after Harrison was discussing another bride’s suicide on the 5th floor where her ghost is frequently seen.  He was saying – this hotel, it does things, it’s haunted…and a noise happened – like a whistling sound like when air is rushing in the sides of a window, or the kind of sound someone makes when they are making “ghost” sounds.  It also sounded like it was made directly into the microphone of the recorder, not from somewhere farther away.


Harrison mentioned that the elevators at the Driskill do crazy things like Continue reading “Dining with the Dead – a Day at the Driskill – Part 1 – October 20, 2012”

Dinner with the Dead – GREAT article by Michael Graupmann

Can’t wait for tonight….


Austin’s Traveling Psychic Supper Club makes reservations at the haunted Driskill Hotel

Austin Photo Set: News_Jessica Dupuy_Driskill 125th anniversary_October 2011_exterior

10.19.12 | 02:26 pm

In the most exciting scene of the 1988 haunted comedy classicBeetlejuice, some restless ghosts orchestrate a major disruption of a dinner party in the house they share with the living.

And while they can’t promise the same kind of choreographed fun with the undead, Austin’s very own Traveling Psychic Supper Club does guarantee a thrilling night of food and connection — with the living and beyond.

Started earlier this year by psychically sensitive Leander resident Deborah Antich, the TPSC is now a regular meeting of Continue reading “Dinner with the Dead – GREAT article by Michael Graupmann”

Things to do in Austin for Halloween
Masked Children, 110th Street, NY, 1969, by Arthur Tress
Halloween is a lot of fun in Austin…
Want to know what’s going on Halloween-wise this fall in Austin? The Chronicle has a full section of great goings on for the season. Here are a couple that I want to check out:

October 27

Murder, Mayhem, & Misadventure Walking Tour

Every 20 minutes, Save Austin’s Cemeteries starts an hourlong tour of this historic graveyard, with costumed actors telling stories of untimely deaths, murders, and other tales to get you in a macabre mood. Sat., Oct. 27, 10am-4pm. Free (donations appreciated).

OAKWOOD CEMETERY, 1601 Navasota, 512/478-7152

This is going on the day of the second dinner, I think we’re going to go down early and check it out, then head to the Driskill from there. Continue reading “Things to do in Austin for Halloween”

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