Hello and welcome to the blog if you are new, welcome back if you’ve been around for a while. 🙂

A few changes – now that’s Covid 19 is tamping down, at least where I live outside of Austin, Texas I’m seeing clients face to face again, YAY!! If you are in the Austin area we can do in person again, if not, no worries, I’m still available via Zoom and by Phone. And there are some things coming soon that even if you AREN’T in the Austin area – we may STILL be able to do face to face…that’s a hint! Of course I’m still traveling a lot to the Dallas and Houston areas so we may meet up there too…

You are invited to join our PRIVATE Traveling Psychic Supper Club FAM

fb group here:


OK – More news– I had lowered my rates due to Covid 19 to provide some relief to my customers/clients. Now things are picking up everywhere again I’ll be reinstating my normal rate of $135. for a reading July 1, 2021. As always you can add time for an extra $45. per every 30 minutes.

*****As a special I’ll be keeping the $90. rate for Tarot appointments for the FIRST Tuesday of every month. I know a LOT of people came to know me during this lower rate Covid time period so I want to keep that price available for those who can snap them up QUICK!******

Also – Public Dinners will start up again soon. I’ll be posting them to the Private FB group first, giving TPSC fam first dibbs then posting to the public a few days later. There are some perks to being in the private group – this is one of them. Secret pop up bowl events are another one, like the photo pictured below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again out and about real soon!

Lots of Love – Deb