HELLO AND HAPPY WEDNESDAY – HUMP DAY.  Hope you are having a great one.  🙂

Speaking of humps…how’s it going?  Are you in front of, on top of, or recently gotten over one?  Humps are everywhere, and they represent many different things: Barriers, Opportunities, even Resources if you look at them the right way…more about that later…first:

For a while the Supper Club had become a kind of Hump for me.  I started getting worried about how people would take it.  If I was presenting it the right way, if I was spending my time efficiently, if people who were involved with it were on board with my ideas, and if not how could I make sure I kept everyone happy…basicly worrying that I was doing all of the right things.  I was spending too much time trying to mold it, for others, not for me.  Not for IT.  I wasn’t seeing what the Supper Club was really about.  So I had to take some steps back, some things had to fall apart and I started to see it again for what it is.  TPSC is taking a break this month, so we won’t have a public local Austin dinner.  I am having a private dinner in May, which are always available for groups of 10 or more.  Of course the radio show is still on, so listen in while Kari Light fills in for Deb as Guest Host for May.  We’re working on some other things too, but for now, here is where we are.  Here is what was shown to me when I took a step back.



If you feel drawn to it, come.  You are welcome to spend as much time with it as you want or need.

TPSC has an open door.  People come, get what they need, and move on.  THAT’S OK.  I don’t take a person moving on personally.  In lots of ways this is a pit stop on the journey.


That’s cool.  Stay as long as you like!  Or if you drop away for a while and then decide to come back, that’s cool too.

Many personal friendships have been established inside and outside of the group.  THAT is AWESOME!  Different people within the group connect in many different ways.  This makes me happy.  Sometimes different personalities don’t get along, and that is ok too.  This is a place to be exactly who you are.  Due to the growth of the radio show, friendships and connections have been established all over the country, resources are being added all the time.

If you come to any Supper Club event, dinner or meeting, know first and foremost the conversation will be about psychic stuff.  On all levels.  You are welcome to join the conversation on a level that works for you.  So if someone comes in that is a novice, they have as much of a voice as someone who is a professional.  We all have something to learn.  Please do not be rude to a newcomer (or anyone for that matter) by starting a side social conversation.  There is plenty of time to connect outside of meetings or dinners.

This blog is changing focus from being just about the local dinners to include lots of different things, articles about psychic phenomenon, links to the TPSC Radio Show, information about upcoming guests on the show, so you can get to know them before they are on –  if you want to call in and ask questions you can know a little about them first.  I’m also going to merge my original psychic experiences blog with this one, since starting the Supper Club I’ve neglected it, so it’s going to bring it over here.  I’m at a point of merging things together, so that’s a natural step.  And I’ve seen that by keeping this blog just about Austin dinners, it’s limiting to others who are interested that aren’t in Austin, so I’m shifting my focus from local to global.  I’ve been thinking small.  And along those same lines – When the Supper Club started, there was a group of people who came over and over again, who I’ve always refered to as the “core”.   This special group helped get TPSC off the ground, and each of them added something amazing and unique.  Now, almost 2 years later, I am happy to say that those core members have all moved on, expanded in different ways, and although welcome to attend at any time, have gotten what they need and have moved forward.  So there isn’t an anchor core group anymore, it’s just me, Deb, and whoever else decides to show up, answers the call and says, sure, ok, this is for me.  Is that you?

Additionally I’ve started doing a lot more readings, one on one development and am partnering with others to create some local classes.  I’m also working with some fellow psychics to create an online development program for those that want to join a dinner, but aren’t local.  Like I said, I’m not thinking local anymore.  Austin is home of the Supper Club, but it’s a place to start, not a place to stay.

So back to Humps.  I’ve decided to stop looking at the supper club like this:


something slippery and steep that I need to get over, tackle, get a hold of, but like this:

A resource that I can draw from, that is part of me, that moves with me everywhere I go, and is a place to store what I need, so I have it when I need it most.  That’s what I want it to be for anyone who joins.  A resource.  🙂