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Pendulum Eventulum – An Artist/Psychic Collaboration

Even if you aren’t in Austin and follow the blog, I wanted to share this cool event we are doing here on Friday, I’ll make sure and take lots of pics and post them, I can’t wait to see this crazy pendulum create a bunch of different art pieces…and if you are in Austin, Join US!

Here’s the scoop – THIS IS GOING TO BE A VERY COOL EVENT!  SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE BUT: Austin Artist Tina Schweiger is moving her studio, currently located at Artpost, and will be closing her doors (for now) at the end of the month.  So what better way to say farewell than one last HURRAH!

This evening will include an amazing MASSIVE PENDULUM (10 ft. high) demonstration where you can create YOUR OWN personal art piece, choosing your own color palette – your energy creates the pattern.  THE PIECE YOU CREATE IS YOURS TO KEEP.  Additionally we’ll enjoy a smaller, but no less impressive demonstration of how your own energy works with a pendulum in hand by Traveling Psychic Supper Club founder Deborah Antich.  (HEE HEE That’s ME!)   Some hand-made pendulums will also be available for purchase.  We invite you to spend the evening with us at this intimate and unique event.  Reservations required, Space is limited to 10 painters, each may bring a guest.  RESERVATIONS must be made through Tina’s site HERE –

The cost for this event is $59 and includes artwork.

Tina will provide all supplies – you provide the landing point!  This can be canvas, plywood, anything that will hold paint.  The bigger the better!  Tina recommends 4 ft. x 4 ft.  but something a little smaller will work too.  Here are some examples of Tina’s work –

Now where else can you get a custom art piece that you actually created with a giant pendulum?  ONLY IN AUSTIN, BABY!

Vuka, The Greatness, Buenos Aires Cafe and more, a typical Thursday night in Austin…

Since attending the East Austin Studio Tour I’ve been getting all kinds of invitations to art stuff. And I like it. Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world, but it’s got some great art too, everywhere, all the time. Last night we took advantage of a couple of those invitations…We started at VUKA, an artists co-op and work space located on Monroe St. It’s got a great open feeling with smaller spaces within that all have a different feel. There’s also a lovely open area outdoors, beneath a huge tree with tables and hammocks. I’m going to start doing a better job of taking pictures for the blog, but this is what I got last night…

2013-01-31 19.46.422013-01-31 19.57.09


2013-01-31 22.23.41  2013-01-31 20.53.07

The Greatness is a live game show that has 3 rounds, started with Comedy, then the audience chose the favorite with an X or an O that was on the program.  Pretty smart.  Then it went to Poetry (that’s when we got there) then on to Improve.  The winners of each phase ended up at the end with a member of the audience as well, playing for a $100 prize.  At one point the show included all the finalists onstage lobbing toilet paper through a hoola hoop held up by a troll who was standing about 7 feet away from us.  Yes, it was that kind of night.  And it was a blast.  The roughness of it made it real, the characters, the band, the creators and the Host – who at one point just gave up when audience members were yelling out answers to timed questions – just so you know in the future, you aren’t supposed to do that, all endeared me to this odd live show.  So if you want to see the next installment – it’s March 1.  Which it notes in the program is not the last thursday in February, but the last Friday in February!  Which is March 1.  Weird.  I know.

Yes, it’s weird.  and you should totally go.

Art on the EAST Side – Get out there Austin!

Going on this weekend and next – the EAST SIDE STUDIO TOUR.  If you haven’t been, GO.  Go right now.  Artists in East Austin open their studio doors to the public in this great event.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see art, visit with the artists, BUY art – pretty cheap I might add, and eat great food.  How much more can I tell you?  What more do you need to hear?  Why haven’t you left yet?


FREE RIDES ON THE MOUSTACHE SEE-SAW at RAD – STOP # 131-137 at 618 Tillery.


It’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.  My daughter and I having a great time.  

There’s also a swing there that’s pretty cool.  

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