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East Austin Studio Tour

Pendulum Eventulum – An Artist/Psychic Collaboration

Even if you aren’t in Austin and follow the blog, I wanted to share this cool event we are doing here on Friday, I’ll make sure and take lots of pics and post them, I can’t wait to see this crazy pendulum create a bunch of different art pieces…and if you are in Austin, Join US!

Here’s the scoop – THIS IS GOING TO BE A VERY COOL EVENT!  SORRY FOR THE SHORT NOTICE BUT: Austin Artist Tina Schweiger is moving her studio, currently located at Artpost, and will be closing her doors (for now) at the end of the month.  So what better way to say farewell than one last HURRAH!

This evening will include an amazing MASSIVE PENDULUM (10 ft. high) demonstration where you can create YOUR OWN personal art piece, choosing your own color palette – your energy creates the pattern.  THE PIECE YOU CREATE IS YOURS TO KEEP.  Additionally we’ll enjoy a smaller, but no less impressive demonstration of how your own energy works with a pendulum in hand by Traveling Psychic Supper Club founder Deborah Antich.  (HEE HEE That’s ME!)   Some hand-made pendulums will also be available for purchase.  We invite you to spend the evening with us at this intimate and unique event.  Reservations required, Space is limited to 10 painters, each may bring a guest.  RESERVATIONS must be made through Tina’s site HERE –

The cost for this event is $59 and includes artwork.

Tina will provide all supplies – you provide the landing point!  This can be canvas, plywood, anything that will hold paint.  The bigger the better!  Tina recommends 4 ft. x 4 ft.  but something a little smaller will work too.  Here are some examples of Tina’s work –

Now where else can you get a custom art piece that you actually created with a giant pendulum?  ONLY IN AUSTIN, BABY!

Upcoming Events – Driskill Brunch and Psychic Development Tour

There’s lots going on lately, and I guess this post is a little late to “market” or “publicize”my table at the Body Mind Spirit Expo – since it’s TOMORROW…but I don’t care, I wanted to let everyone know about some cool upcoming TPSC events.  Oh yea, and I’m going to be at the BMSE this weekend, Saturday and Sunday – I’ve got a table at booth 3, so if you are there drop by and say Hi, I’m doing tarot and intuitive readings, if I can remember to I’ll take lots of pics and post them here.  🙂

It’s time to visit the Driskill again, I get tired of doing “Psychic Events” only around Halloween.  Psychic stuff isn’t scary, and for me this happens all the time, so I wanted to create something cool, special and fun – so I’m doing a Brunch and Psychic Development Tour in August, back to back since the tours are small – there’s room for 10 on each day.

driskill hotel front pic

So join me for brunch at the Famously Haunted Driskill Hotel in the Famously FANCY Driskill Grill.

Click the picture below to check out the event and make a reservation.


I’m working on pinning down the date for the September dinner, which is going to be at the Buenos Aires Cafe on 6th.  It’s on the reservations page already, and I’ll update it once I’ve got the date set.  Some other events are in the works, I’m partnering with Austin artist Tina Schweiger – whose studio at Austin Artpost is a work of art in itself.


This is Tina – we met on last year’s East Austin Studio Tour…you can check out her work here:

I’ll keep you posted on that….for now – it’s time for chow mein.

East Austin Studio Tour with Dinner Afterwards…a chill Saturday

Happy November!  It seems time is flying faster and faster the closer to the year we get.  We had an amazing Halloween dinner (yes, feels like years ago…) at Clay Pit.  We had so many crazy experiences there that I went ahead and dedicated a whole radio show to it, and the wonderfully haunted location, which has 3 different levels, each with their own paranormal flair.  If you would like to listen to that show, it’s available HERE:

and here are some pics from the dinner

E7D_2726                              E7D_2701

The File Name is Haunted Austin.  You can download it or stream it straight from the page.  We had a great time but missed a few people, hope we see everyone this month at House Pizza – this place is super casual and laid back, but the pizza looks AMAZING!  I thought we’d do something chill and low key since everyone will be scattering to the 4 winds for Thanksgiving, or busting ass at home cooking, so this it a total come as you are gig.  And did I mention it’s time again for……

EAST – East Austin Studio Tour!!  If you’ve never gone to this you have to go.

All the artists on the East Side open up their studios and show their work for two weekends in November, this weekend Nov. 16-17 and next weekend Nov. 23-24.  A lot of the studios have guest artists showing as well, so there is tons of art to see and purchase, and the artists are available to chat and just get to know.  We’ve got some favorite spots we visit every year, Kelly’s put together a map of locations that are really worth checking out that will be in the newsletter.  Also a lot of the studios have wine or beer and cheese and snacks, so added bonus there.  TPSC will be getting a group together to check out a few key winners, then head to House Pizza for dinner.  So if you are in the mood for great art, great weather and hanging out  with amazing people, then join us! The map will be on the Newsletter which I am sending out shortly.   One note about the newsletter, if you use Gmail it may be going to your promotions tab, which is really irritating – I’ll be sending the newsletter out today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it will you?  If you add TPSC to your address book it will always go to your main email.  It’s a pain I know but it makes me sad that all these newsletters go out into space, never to be open.  I want everyone to know what we’ve got going on – we do a lot outside of the dinners now and the info is all on the newsletter – so look for it, especially if you are local.  🙂

And as always you can make your reservation for this month’s dinner here:

I want everyone to know how thankful I am for all the connections TPSC has provided us in the past year and a half.  Things are moving fast and we are reaching more and more people every day.  I’m thankful to anyone who reads the blog and reaches out and connects.  This is what this blog, the clairvoyant blog and the whole group is all about.  If you need us, we are here, and I’m happy to hear from anyone and everyone.

Thank you for making the Traveling Psychic Supper Club what it is, a group for great companionship, support and friends, all revolving around our natural psychic gifts.  Cheers to everyone, love to all and I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones and families.  Thank you for being a part of mine.

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