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POP UP DINNER – July 25, 2019 – Thai Fresh, Austin

Hello again after a long blog hiatus – lots is happening so I’ll jump right in

TIME FOR DINNERS AGAIN!  Pop up dinner tomorrow at Thai Fresh, we’ve got 4 spaces left.  Lowdown on dinners below purchase button.  Thai Fresh is delicious – see pics.  I’m posting this to FB, Insta and the Meetup so if you think you want to go, purchase now!  Hope to see you ! 🙂

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This Month’s Dinner is at Thai Fresh

on July 25 at 6:00pm

Located at 909 West Mary Street, Austin, Texas  


                                                                                                                                                  (reservation does not include cost of meal)

Image result for thai fresh austin    Image result for thai fresh austin

                                     Photo from Thai Fresh site                                                                                           Photograph: Jam Sanitchat

Monthly Traveling Psychic Supper Club                      Discussion & Development Dinner

Meet @travelingpsychic Deb – And share a meal.  Sometimes it’s easier to talk at a small intimate dinner instead of in a larger group setting.  Each month Deb hosts a dinner open to the public at a locally owned restaurant.  Reservations are limited.  During these cozy dinners the conversation includes anything and everything intuition/channeling/psychic related.  Have an experience you want explained?  Repeated patterns an issue?  Bring your questions, hear some stories and expect anything.  To be included on the guest list for this month’s dinner purchase your reservation above.

Dinners fill up fast, if you miss out keep an eye on Instagram (@travelingpsychic)  for the following month and other upcoming events in Austin, Dallas and Houston.  Reservations for public dinners are $35 per guest, multiple reservations are available.  Cost of meal is not included.


New Year, Back to Brass Tacks

OK, so we’re 15 days in, but it’s not too late to say…HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope everyone is doing one of two things, depending on how last year went:  1) Crawling out from the rubble and blinking, looking for the right direction, or 2) Hitting the ground running and killing it.  Which one describes you?

It’s time for a new year of dinners – and going back to basics.  We are tearing it down to the brass tacks – and tightening up the focus of the dinners.  Throughout 2013 it seemed like the dinners became more and more social, and were getting bigger and bigger.  I started feeling it, and it didn’t feel right.  We still talked about psychic stuff, but the conversation was getting diluted.  I had conversations with a couple of members who all agreed: We need to bring it back around.  So – January’s dinner is going to be just that:  Bringing it back around.  Pulling our energy back to our psychic centers.  And continuing to uncover exactly who we are, how we fit together and CHARGE FORWARD into why we were brought together – accept the purpose of this group and what it’s meant to do.

Who’s with us?  This is going to be a crazy big year, for the Supper Club, for moving forward and for creating and cementing solid connections.  We are up for the challenge.  Are you?

Here’s the link for the dinner on January 18 at Apreggio Grill.  The place is beautiful and the food amazing.

There are 4 spots left.  Hope to see you there.

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