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Are you seeing Miracles? Start by SEEING EVERYTHING.

Miracles are going on all around us and although there is no degree – although we tend to start small.  We start with what we can – or allow ourselves to see.  So the question is – Are you seeing Miracles?  If not, why not?  Here are some answers.  And if you keep reading, you’ll see a little miracle, after all the gunk that is….

CLUTTER.  Mind clutter.  I’ve noticed a pattern with people lately – One I used to fall into, and still do on occasion, but now I catch myself.  I’M SOOOOOOO BUSY.  But take a second.  Think about it.  Are you?  ARE you?  how much time are you spending on things that DO NOT MATTER or contribute to your (and the people around you’s) quality of life.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Reading about celebrities – people you do not know and do not know you.  I’m not saying don’t use those things, but use them less or pick 1, only 1.  Notice when you start and when you stop.  10 minutes is more than enough.

DRAMA.  Yours or other people’s.  Doesn’t matter.  Getting down and dirty into someone else’s, or needing to tell your drama story – again, this is KEEPING you away from true quality of life, the true RICH experiences you deserve.  Drama is not a rich experience.  Drama is perpetuating foolishness.  It’s that simple.  Once you take a few steps back you can REALLY see it.  Drama creates DRAG.  Bags dragging on the ground is what I see.  Roots intertwined, creating a suffocation and inability to grow.  Do your friends stress you out?  Do you call them only to bitch, and do they call you to do the same?  It’s time for new friends.  You are holding yourself back from miracles. So many people have told me, “But wait!  What if that person is my MOM/SISTER/BROTHER/DAD??”  Oh yea, I hear that all the time.  ALL the time!  Should the fact you are related to this person have anything to do with the fact you are allowing the relationship to hold you back from miracles?  (Notice what I said – you are allowing the relationship to hold you back from miracles.  I didn’t say  THEY are holding you back from miracles.  See what I did there?  See what you are allowing?  BAM!

Here’s the flip of those:

CLEAN OPEN SPACES:  Clear out the crap.  Then do another sweep and clear out some more.  I’m in the process of doing this, in my home.  Clean it out and DON’T IMMEDIATELY GO LOOKING FOR MORE!  Don’t replace what you just cleaned! We all do it, notice it, and stop.  It works the same way in life.  Instead of buying more disposable crap, get rid of it all and get one GOOD thing that does the job.  You only need one.  (I only need one, maybe two black t-shirts.  Do you know what I pick up the most when I go shop?  PUT DOWN THE BLACK T SHIRT!  YOU ALREADY HAVE 10!)  See how this carries over to FB, Twitter, Instagram, TMZ, You don’t have to read Every Article on FB.  Pick one.  Move on.  DON’T read the comments.  They will only piss you off and contribute to that mind clutter.  Leave some open space – for spontaneity, to do something different, stop and chat face to face with a friend…great things can happen in that “open” space.  Take your kid for an ice cream, throw the ball for 10 minutes, you get it.  There are no screens in open space.  (Sorry)

DON’T PLAY:  Divert Divert Divert.  Present positive conversations instead of negative ones.  Thing is, sometimes that doesn’t work.  Be ok with that.  Just don’t return those phone calls, or if you are able, let that person know you can’t have that conversation anymore, but say it with love – Literally – tell them, listen, “I love you, but I just can’t talk about that anymore”.  Or simply say “That doesn’t work for me.”  Simple.  To the point.  Not a lot of words, and more importantly NO EXCUSES.  I learned that from my Mother In Law Years ago – and I still use it to this day.  No Judgement, no fluff.  I share it with people all the time and see that light bulb go on…wow.  Yea, that DOESN’T work for me!  You’re welcome.

Some people will feel judged by that, but remember, you are trying to see miracles, don’t let that stand in your way.  Invite them to see miracles too!  Some will take you up on it, some won’t.  That’s just the way it is.  Maybe the invitation plants a seed that you will never see grow.  But the seed is there none the less.  Pretty cool.

Do these things and then…going through your day, notice EVERYTHING.  Let your vision open.  Use the peripheral.  REALLY use the peripheral.  Here’s an example – a couple of days ago I went out back to let my dogs out.  The sun was shining on the grass, and I noticed a twinkle.  I’d been standing on the back porch just looking at…well, nothing.  Just looking around the yard, when I saw that twinkle.  Can you see them?  bigger picture blades of grass

They caught my attention because I WASN’T REALLY LOOKING FOR ANYTHING.  I was just in open space.  I wasn’t trying to accomplish anything, or make something happen, fill the time with something.  But when I saw that little twinkle, I thought, “huh, what’s that?”  and I walked over.  This is what I saw.


blades of grass

And I was amazed.  Each blade that held a drop and almost all of them did – was beautiful in its own right.  But together, they were stupendous.  And they were everywhere.  I took a few minutes to take the pictures and just enjoy them.  I felt like each one was smiling at me, happy to be recognized.  Miracles are HAPPY to be recognized.  This was a beautiful shared moment.  The picture cannot express the feeling I felt being connected just momentarily to these tiny sweet blades of grass.  I looked out later, and the drops were gone.

Open space allows for miracles to be seen.  Tunnel vision does not allow for miracles.  When I work with kids I tell them, SEE EVERYTHING.  We practice it.  I tell them look at me, but notice – not by looking – but by using your peripheral vision – tell me what color socks the kid next to you is wearing.  It freaks them out that they can do that.  I tell them, practice seeing everything.  When you train yourself to “see everything” you start catching the little things.  And that’s where a lot of the miracles are.  That’s where we start seeing them anyway.  Connections happen, in the little miracles.  When you start connecting to the little things, you start CONNECTING the little things.  You notice synchronicities.  Then you notice more.  And when you notice more, you start to talk about them, then you talk less about drama.  This is the way this happens.  You are open to the new and forget, simply forget about the old.  You are ready for experiences that SERVE you, and in turn you can SERVE others.  Remember the clutter?  Does it serve you?  If it doesn’t get rid of it.  Does the Drama serve you, so you in turn can serve others?  You know the answers.  See the connections.  They will only get bigger and more frequent.  See EVERYTHING, and you will inevitably SEE MIRACLES.

And when you repeatedly see miracles, you start to TALK about miracles.  Then you talk about miracles more and more, and the only conversations you have are about miracles.  And they spark other interesting conversations and connections.  Believe me, I see it EVERY DAY.  Sure you still go to work, but you see it differently.  You still have to  go to the store, get gas, drive your kids around, but you live it DIFFERENTLY.  You begin to see things differently, then you begin to do things with intent.  You still go  on Facebook, but for shorter periods of time, because your life is fuller with good stuff.  People start to send you stories like this one.  And you know where I got it?  My Mom – sent it to me….on Facebook.

If you have time read the article and watch the video, but definitely read the article – it lists way more miracles than the video does.  And please note: this is not about religion.  This is about a direct connection, synchronicities that cannot be denied, and a little boy who was dead for 45 minutes who came back to life.  It’s that simple.  If you enjoy it, or feel lead to, please share.  Let’s talk about Miracles.

Have an amazing, miracle filled day.


welcome to the meetup platform…

For the last couple of years I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a meetup for the supper club.  Back in May – which seems to be the month for new beginnings around me and TPSC – I finally dropped the hammer and it’s coming along well.  SO introducing….


We haven’t had a dinner yet, funny, I know – this is the TRAVELING PSYCHIC SUPPER CLUB, after all, but we will.  I’ve taken a little break from dinners, but will be back again in July.  The meetup is SUCH an easier way to connect – is a better platform for posting stuff quickly, meeting other people and getting information out there about local stuff going on, and there is – a ton of local stuff going on.

So if you are in Austin, jump on over to and join!  There are some familiar faces there, and some new ones too.  If you enjoy being part of the group, please feel free to tell a friend too, or bring a guest to any meeting, event or function.  The more the merrier. We’ll be having all different kinds of meetings, not just dinners.  We’ve had a coffee – on a weekday, attended a lecture, in the evening, and are going to see a movie at Unity Church of the Hills Friday night – E-motion, a documentary – here’s the trailer.  Looks good doesn’t it?

We’re branching out and doing all kinds of things.  We’d love it if you join us.  And if you aren’t in Austin, there’s always the radio show…and who knows, maybe we’ll be hitting the road soon….anyway show up somewhere, a meetup, a dinner, here on the blog – let’s stay connected and have some fun.


Summer’s over, time for more dinners…

So my apologies for doing such a crappy job of keeping up with this blog.  It seems like every post starts with me apologizing for not maintaining this page!!  Most of what I write ends up on the If you could see what I hear page…yea, it’s on the home page, you’ll find it.  But this supper club blog, I’m not great at maintaining.  So I thought I’d just put up some pictures of our last dinner which was at Gusto.  It was really good.  The food is great (italian) and the staff is really nice.  You should go there.  But here’s the best part: It was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Kelly brought a delicious cake for the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the group.


But that cake stood for so much more than just a tasty treat.  It meant a YEAR.  A whole FREAKING YEAR.  Which in a way, is so odd.  We’ve been together for a year, but it feels like so much longer.  When I look at what we’ve done together, and for each other, and each of us individually on our own, I’m so proud of everyone.  I’m so proud of us and what we are.

And this is just the beginning.

We invite anyone to join us.  So I ask you, are you one of us?  In case you don’t already know, the answer is yes.

















And By The Way, we are going scouting for the rest of the locations for dinners for the rest of the year.  I’ll have the new restaurants up on the page by…um, soon.  VERY SOON, I promise.

And thanks again, Kelly for the cake.  🙂  You know everything behind it meant the world to me.

And thank you Jim for taking the pictures.  🙂

In case you want to contact me or us through the blog privately, here ya go:





Last Night’s Dinner…

The dinner last night was small but perfect.  The conversation if I can sum it up began with us talking about Life Cycles which led seamlessly into Past Life Experiences.  We all had something to contribute and Kelly shared some information with me today by email that I want to include here – Kelly’s stuff is in italics:

that 28 year cycle that I was talking about last night is called a Saturn return.

We were discussing different types of life cycles and how they ramp up then wind down.  I find this interesting, and know that everyone experiences their own differently, but that we also experience them COLLECTIVELY.  I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this.  For example – we each have our own life cycle.  Then within a home, a family has a cycle.  Then in the workplace there is a cycle.  I was talking about how in my marriage we have a quarterly cycle.  I’ve discussed this with other people as well…it seemed in the past my husband and I would spend the first part of the cycle peacefully, then as it progressed irritations would begin, and by the end there would be an argument – and an airing out of differences, or sharing of conflict, then the peacefulness would begin again.  The cycle would reset.  So, ultimately we would have 4 arguments a year.  Then I started to notice and give attention to it and it began to decrease.  We stopped waiting to let the grievances build and would have a simple discussion early on (in say the first month – January) instead of a blowout in March.
This conversation between the group took place at the bar, and we moved into Past Lives at the table.
The conversation moved around a bit, and involved tethers, moving forward, stepping off cliffs, the importance of connection and being connected to and coming together with others of like mind.  Here is some other information Kelly had to share – we talked about when shifts took place for ourselves personally and what that looked like.  For ME I think the most massive shift happened when I was introduced to A COURSE IN MIRACLES…
 after I had a life shaking experience which I refer to only as an Emotional Trauma.  That trauma led me to the Course.    That opened, as Kelly said about the shift he experienced – a different way of thinking.  It introduced that there EVEN IS a different way of thinking than we were RAISED WITH, or FOLLOWED BECAUSE OF SOCIETY or INSERT YOUR REASON HERE.  It shows you a different way, or path that is apart from the flocks in the fields – or the masses or whatever.  That path leads to what is literally another WORLD.  A world full of color and experience and it’s tangible.  It replaces what was there, that was just 2 dimensional and black and white.  It’s like those old TVs in the 50’s compared to the newest and biggest and clearest plasma TVs today.  AND it’s a world you create – based on what works FOR YOU.  When I was growing up there was a priest that snidely referred to this way of thinking – in the religious vein as CAFETERIA CATHOLICS.  Like it was a bad thing.  But MY question is why would you want to cram a bunch of stuff down YOUR OWN THROAT that you can’t even STOMACH in the first place?  And I’m not talking about being Catholic.  I learned a lot about myself during my childhood being raised Catholic and going to Catholic School.  One of the places I feel most peaceful is in a quiet, empty dark Catholic Church with the sun coming in through the stained glass windows in the mid afternoon.  So it’s not about that.  It’s about not letting everyone judge you and making you do what works for them.  Do what works for YOU.
WHY WOULD ANYONE DO ANYTHING ELSE?  Because they don’t know any better.  And I’m not saying it like I know so much.  I just know what my path is now and my wish for every single person on the planet is that they know what theirs is too.  Some of us may walk together, and that’s amazing.  Some of us won’t and THAT’S OK TOO.
So here is what Kelly had to share:
My #1 book on that is “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton.
After really responding to that book, this is the website I went to where it lists all the practitioners that have trained at his Institute:
This is the woman I ended up going to, who I would highly recommend:
Kirby, another member of the group has also discussed this book, Journey of Souls as life changing.  I think.  I think that was the book he was talking about….Kirby?  Input?
Finally, Bobbie had a question about being a manipulator and trying to help people.  I talked about  how no matter how much you can see what someone needs to do – you can’t make anyone do anything.  I hope no one thinks I’m being cheap by referring to an old post, but I’m going to do it anyway…he he he so Bobbie doesn’t have to sift through old posts to find the one I wanted to share.  This helps further describe what I meant.
And one last thing – to Amber – if you believe you see what you see, who’s to say you don’t?  😉
Happy Sunday everyone!

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