Yesterday Kelly and I did a show with Maria Benning, who does amazing work with the Akashic Records.  It was a super fun show for me, and on top of that, it reiterated some information that has been coming together for a while, and Maria is the perfect voice to share it, she’s down to earth, doesn’t feel (or present) that she is some super wise teacher – you can check her out here: here

In short, the messages I keep getting are this: we all have access to the greatness inside of us – if we can just chose to Accept, Acknowledge and ACT.

These words have been coming to me for years, since I wrote my kids program, also, funny enough, based on 3 vowels –

Intuition, Indicators and Instincts.  You can read about that work here:

So anyway, while I was writing that program, I also kept going back to the 3 A’s – Accept, Acknowledge and ACT.  Our interview with Maria brought me back to that again…  If you would like to hear the show on demand it’s available here:

It’s really worth a listen, because we talked a LOT about what WE can do to create change.  And it’s not what you think.  Change isn’t started with guys in suits up in Washington, or princes in palaces.  It’s started with US.  Each of us.  The small guy, the little guy.  The SIMPLE person, who just makes a different choice, not to fight.  Not to hate.  Not to ARGUE ENDLESSLY about things that DON’T MATTER!!  All these earthly things we bicker about, dig at each other about, if we could just do less of THAT, even hold our tongues ONE TIME – that’s a start.

Nope, not the “BIG WIGS” up on Capitol Hill, but the people tending their own small gardens, the farmers in the fields, just doing what they can to provide for their families, with their hands in the soil, toiling for an honest return in an UNHONEST market….These are the changemakers.

photo borrowed from Huffington Post
photo borrowed from Huffington Post

Not the Professional Athletes, (Sorry Labron) but the teachers, who go to school and hug their kids, and try to make a difference, tired from Testing, swimming against the current to make a difference.

The parents that are doing what they can with what they’ve got, WE ARE THE CHANGE MAKERS.  So this post is for all of us – let’s add a little love in today, give an extra hug, an extra smile, and make a small difference, it’s worth so much more than any of us know.  I am reminded AGAIN of a favorite poem of mine, spoken by a favorite saint, Saint Francis of Assisi.


I borrowed this lovely image from a website, that also had this post….not a coincidence, here is the site

named Teacher as Transformer – which shared this poem as well, which it taken from the full post which you can find here:

here is an excerpt from the post, and a VERY real connection – a quote by Margaret Mead that blew me away, thank you GOD – Universe – SOURCE for leading me here today.  What a wonderful validation…

This need for real, flexible, and sustainable change reminded me of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I found this beautiful poem by Brazilian poet Rubin Alves. He spoke of hope, but not hope as a soft and gentle aspect of life, but hope matched with suffering and resiliency which gives rise change and the hoped. I particularly enjoyed: “So let us plant dates/even though we who plant them will never eat them./We must live by the love of what we will never see.”

What is hope?
It is the pre-sentiment that imagination
is more real and reality is less real than it looks.
It is the hunch that the overwhelming brutality
of facts that oppress and repress us
is not the last word.
It is the suspicion that reality is more complex
than the realists want us to believe.
That the frontiers of the possible are not
determined by the limits of the actual;
and in a miraculous and unexplained way
life is opening up creative events
which will open the way to freedom and resurrection –
but the two – suffering and hope
must live from each other.
Suffering without hope produces resentment and despair.
But, hope without suffering creates illusions, naïveté
and drunkenness.
So let us plant dates
even though we who plant them will never eat them.
We must live by the love of what we will never see.
That is the secret discipline.
It is the refusal to let our creative act
be dissolved away by our need for immediate sense experience
and is a struggled commitment to the future of our grandchildren.
Such disciplined hope is what has given prophets, revolutionaries and saints,
the courage to die for the future they envisage.
They make their own bodies the seed of their highest hopes.

so, how about that?

Have a beautiful day, and share some love, either by hug, smile, or holding of tongue and let’s make a change today.

Here’s a smile and a hug from me – from one of my favorite days….