Growing up we had everything we needed. 5 kids – at times in private school – on a cop and secretary’s salaries. Now as an adult, who with my husband at times have struggled financially because I stayed home – with 2 kids – I have no idea how my parents did it. But I am grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY for the sacrifices I know they made to support and love us.


HernandezThrough all the extra jobs and all the boxes of hamburger helper because it went the farthest, through the fear of not knowing where the money would come from, because I’ve been there too, I am grateful. Through the hugs and encouragement because it’s what they had to give – not the money to buy name brands, but what they could afford. None of that stuff matters, it all ended up in the trash, or at goodwill, or who knows where? But the hugs and the love – the unconditional love we were given and we gave to each other that grew, that we give to our kids, that will grow with theirs, the words of correction and encouragement, the direction, the inclusion in something bigger and stronger, the family that we are. The families that we have become. The families that will grow in the future and carry that love forward, even when we are gone. There is one word for it. UNBREAKABLE. There is another word for it too – Hernandez. Thank you Paul and Sue, Anna, Paul, Stephanie and Mark – for being a part of who I am. (My cousin Trini’s in there too.)

Here is the video that inspired this post.  Even if its a commercial, They come pretty close to getting it right.  If you came from a family that created who you are, take a second to text, call, stop by and let them know.