This thing that is the Traveling Psychic Supper Club is always changing.  Sometimes it takes long naps, but it’s always there.  It looks like it’s waking up, again, yawning and stretching, rubbing it’s eyes and smiling.  It’s been a while since I’ve written here, almost a year since 68 Kill, since SXSW, but even though I haven’t written, it never leaves me.  It’s like a cat sleeping in the sun beaming in through a window, curled up forever, then suddenly on your shoulder wanting attention.  FEED ME.  OK, so, let’s eat.

Looks like dinners are back.  I haven’t stopped doing private readings, but dinners have been sleeping in the sun while I’ve been applying the work to other areas in life, mental health, trauma, substance use and community.  I’ve continued to do private dinners for my favorite clients, and have been doing some fundraising dinners for other organizations while strengthening my own.  I never put two and two together, funny how that happens, and thought to do dinners as a fundraiser for HOLOGRAM, my own non profit.  More to come on that soon.

Back when we were working on the (never happened) TV show with Weinstein (more than a few people have mentioned that I may have dodged a bullet there) I wasn’t ready to be the Star.  In fact when our director called me and told me everyone else’s role had been solidified and he was calling to tell me about mine – that I was the Star – I burst out crying.  I didn’t want to be the Star.  I wanted to stay hidden within the group.  I think my not being ready for that role was part of why it didn’t happen.  I also kept hearing Netflix.  We were pitching a reality tv show (which also felt canned, not REAL like I wanted) to networks.  I wasn’t feeling networks, I was feeling NETFLIX.  But back then NETFLIX was nothing near what it is now.  Which is one of the reasons I liked it.  We could have done anything there and gotten away with it.  They were just starting to create original content.  Orange is the New Black was just barely a thing, hadn’t even taken off yet.  But we were pitching to networks – and we kept hearing back was “ALL OUR PROGRAMMING IS GEARED TOWARDS MEN”.  LITERALLY.  A&E’s “breakout” show that season was Game of Arms.  Remember that?  No?  It was about armwrestling.  So, obviously there was no room for a show lead by a woman about a psychic supper club.  Because back then there just wasn’t room for both, unless you were on a channel like TLC.  And absolutely no offense to anyone, but I wasn’t feeling THAT.  I’m too gritty for TLC.  I like to be in the trenches, not dressed and dolled up.  No big hair and fake nails for me.  Again, no offense.  If that’s you, do you.  Dressing up is not for me.

And I’ve never been reality TV drawn or driven.  But now a new genre exists.  Viceland exists.  Things are getting better.  Hell YouTube provides most content people watch nowadays.  And that’s AMAZING!  And anyway, I’m not looking at the past, I’m looking at the present.  I’m looking into the future.  Right now, I’m so happy doing private appointments, working with trauma and addiction (Substance Use Disorder) and adults and kids with ACES, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  That feels right, A STAR among STARS.  But I’m also ready to take my place, at the head of the table again, but I’m different this time.  I hope you’ll join me, there is so, so much more to come.