We received another experience from a community member – this one falling into “what you think about you bring about” category…is this manifesting?  You be the judge.

“On the way back from lunch I kept thinking of how I’d really like a Diet Mountain Dew – and not just that but a big 2 liter.  visualizing the 2 liter and dreaming of the yummy nectar of the gods taste…On my desk when I got back?

A 2 liter Mountain Dew a coworker bought for me.


I have never drunk a 2 liter at work – what are the odds??”

What do you think –  What ARE the odds?  Is this manifesting at it’s simple best or just coincidence, or is it both?

Co-incidence is just two things happening at the same time, right – has something kooky like this ever happened to you?