I just came across this show, not by accident.  We never watch on demand.  But I came home and the TV was on OnDemand.  My son was asleep.  Just as I walked in it flipped to the screen showing what’s available.  And there it was.

Limitless. It caught my eye at just the right time. And I mentally bookmarked it.  Today I pulled it up and started watching.  Apparently this show is based on the movie with Bradly Cooper – which I vaguely remember coming out, but never saw either.

limitlessshow  limitlessmovie

I’m 10 minutes in, and I don’t really need to watch much more.  It perfectly describes how my mind works, – how the intuitive mind works – but WITHOUT the drug.  Like LUCY, remember that movie, she achieved full use of her brain, of consciousness really – before…fully becoming… everything… being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  But again, we can access this WITHOUT the drug.


I work with a team of people who are accessing these places through the mind, in the consciousness – withOUT drugs.  Without the bump, STRAIGHT AND SOLELY THROUGH INTUITION.  Anyone who tells you they are getting there with the use of a drug or…helper – lsd, street drugs, even alcohol – aren’t accessing the true.  To get to the true you have to take all of the layers off – and drugs are a layer – neuroenhancers like in the movies or meth in the back alley.  But when the layers are gone…it’s then that you go STRAIGHT THERE.  Where you are just you, you have everything you need.

So what layers?  Drugs, sure, but what else?  Greed, Guilt.  Other people’s bullshit, your own bullshit.  Need.  Want.  Peel them back.  At first it’s uncomfortable, those first few layers.  You may be like, nope, don’t want to do that…but then it becomes easier, they suddenly to dump them off like smelly coats, into the pile off your FUCKING BACK.  Things you don’t want.  You know what they are.  They are what hold you back from being LIMITLESS.  Keeping up with the Jones’s – Check.  Caring what other people think – Check.  Having a need to hold up a facade of whatever it is:  Shiny Business Man, Investment Banker?  Or Bohemian Vagabond…or the HIPPER than the HIP (I’m in Austin so had to throw that one in…for the locals) – point is – we all have our masks.  But WHO YOU ARE is behind that.  So TAKE



these are your limits.  Release them, then come back and find us – WE.  ARE.  HERE.

We always have been and so have you.

This week I had to postpone a trip out to LA for the first satellite T Psy SC dinner, and at first it sucked.  I was like, why, why now?  And what stopped it?  The only thing that could – my family.  Someone in my family, needing me here, period.  And for me that’s a no-brainer.  But now today, after having shaken off the disappointment wheels are turning again.  I’m on track, it wasn’t meant to be – now.  Just later.  I was bummed for a second, but those wheels keep rolling.  And I’ll be there soon LA, under the correct circumstances, when the time is right.  For now, here, I’m going to continue as is, Limitless.

You are welcome to join me any time.  Join.  The.  Team.