For the last 3 years I’ve been saying I wanted to start doing videos.  This is the first attempt and it’s a simple tarot reading I did a while back.  My plans – after working on the TPSC sizzle reel – which never became a reality tv show -which I am grateful for – that it never became a show and for the experience – I kept feeling drawn to YouTube, I felt like “I have to do this my way”.  So here is the first video.

If you have any thoughts I really would love to hear them.  I  want to get better at making videos.  I have lots of ideas of just fun stuff I want to do.  Interviews are next, and I’ll keep throwing readings on here too.  If you are going to be in town for SXSW hit me up here or on twitter, @tpsyDeb – and if I’m in town let’s film a tarot reading, I’ll do trades, videos for the blog for the reading.  (Or if you want a full in person reading we can do that too – those are much longer 1.5 hour and usually involve accessing the Akashic Records.  You can look at the DEB tab to see how I read, and logistics for scheduling.)

For the video trades I just want people to see how I work, and that all this isn’t scary, isn’t creepy, but our psychic skills are just additional ways we can learn about ourselves, our purpose, and our place here with one another.  🙂

If you have a personal psychic experience, we want to hear it too.  I’ve gotten a couple that I still need to put on here, if you sent something in, thank you!  We learn by sharing experiences….and stories.

OH btw, I’m going to be on the radio again this Wednesday on at 9pm eastern, 8pm central with host Chad McKenzie.  We’ll be talking Intuitive Evolution, personal psychic experiences, physics and wormholes.  Hope you’ll join  us, I’m looking forward to it.  🙂