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Upcoming Events – Driskill Brunch and Psychic Development Tour

There’s lots going on lately, and I guess this post is a little late to “market” or “publicize”my table at the Body Mind Spirit Expo – since it’s TOMORROW…but I don’t care, I wanted to let everyone know about some cool upcoming TPSC events.  Oh yea, and I’m going to be at the BMSE this weekend, Saturday and Sunday – I’ve got a table at booth 3, so if you are there drop by and say Hi, I’m doing tarot and intuitive readings, if I can remember to I’ll take lots of pics and post them here.  🙂

It’s time to visit the Driskill again, I get tired of doing “Psychic Events” only around Halloween.  Psychic stuff isn’t scary, and for me this happens all the time, so I wanted to create something cool, special and fun – so I’m doing a Brunch and Psychic Development Tour in August, back to back since the tours are small – there’s room for 10 on each day.

driskill hotel front pic

So join me for brunch at the Famously Haunted Driskill Hotel in the Famously FANCY Driskill Grill.

Click the picture below to check out the event and make a reservation.


I’m working on pinning down the date for the September dinner, which is going to be at the Buenos Aires Cafe on 6th.  It’s on the reservations page already, and I’ll update it once I’ve got the date set.  Some other events are in the works, I’m partnering with Austin artist Tina Schweiger – whose studio at Austin Artpost is a work of art in itself.


This is Tina – we met on last year’s East Austin Studio Tour…you can check out her work here:

I’ll keep you posted on that….for now – it’s time for chow mein.

The most disconnected post you may ever read…aka Deborah’s on cold meds – but it’s worth a read, all the way to the end.

Warning:  Before reading please know this is not a typical post.  Having said that please know it will include the following:  a photo from the Driskill, a list of numbers I’ve seen today, a (possibly) haunted shopping cart and some stuff about EAST.   Also, I’m working on my email list for the newsletter.  If you want to be included email me @ or if you already follow the blog you should get it.  I’ll only put out like one a month so don’t get too excited about it.  I’m not great at this  tech stuff but we’ll see what happens.  This post is kind of a clearing of my mind before moving into that.  Oh, also I wanted to share something wonderful that LITERALLY fell into my inbox today.  God I love the way the universe works…


Went out again yesterday to experience Art on the East side.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating – GO!  This is going on again next weekend and there are other event’s going on throughout the week.  Here’s a link:

Some places definitely worth checking out:

ARTPOST – stop 119 – this place is like a commune of studios.  Massive.  Lots of very different types of works.  A favorite of mine there was Cherie Weaver #119v – here is her hand made business/art card.

Talk about dedicated.  She was lovely and told me this may be the last year for these cards, so I thought I’d share it on the blog – for all to see. Continue reading “The most disconnected post you may ever read…aka Deborah’s on cold meds – but it’s worth a read, all the way to the end.”

Dining with the Dead – a Day at the Driskill – Part 1 – October 20, 2012

Thank you to everyone who joined the group on Saturday.  I appreciate each and every one of you for bringing your energy, ideas and input – we truly had a fun day at the Driskill – even though I didn’t know at the time when I booked the event that we would be sharing the hotel with the Austin Film Festival.  It was a busy and bustling time the minute I walked in.  I was so excited from just being there for the event, I wasn’t expecting all these people everywhere!  So there was tons of energy rolling around from that as well..


Lovely Harrison – Our Tour Guide Telling us about the 5th floor

First of all the Driskill Hotel is gorgeous.  Haunted or not, I could have walked around that place all day – and actually kind of did.  However, we received a top notch tour from our wonderful Guide Harrison.  The tour was informative about the history of the hotel, the Driskill Family and Austin, as well as the hauntings. We were able to go up into the hotel to the floors were a couple of suicides had taken place and explore the area.  My digital recorder picked up two different sounds that I could not identify – One a series of clicks or pops that were not heard any other place on the tape while Harrison was discussing a bride that had committed suicide.   The other, and I almost laughed when I heard this one – was also directly after Harrison was discussing another bride’s suicide on the 5th floor where her ghost is frequently seen.  He was saying – this hotel, it does things, it’s haunted…and a noise happened – like a whistling sound like when air is rushing in the sides of a window, or the kind of sound someone makes when they are making “ghost” sounds.  It also sounded like it was made directly into the microphone of the recorder, not from somewhere farther away.


Harrison mentioned that the elevators at the Driskill do crazy things like Continue reading “Dining with the Dead – a Day at the Driskill – Part 1 – October 20, 2012”

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