Short post because a lot is going on here and I hope all things are well in your world!

I play a lot and record a lot but I’m not great at putting it up, so here’s a small taste of what’s been going on, still doing readings and have created an in home studio so doing private readings here now too!  🙂

Alchemy Crystal Bowls – I met them at SXSW when I spoke – and aquired a set shortly after.  There’s a long story but that’s for later.  Here is one of my favorite “plays” – at the Black Gazebo at the Arboretum at 360 and 183 in Austin.  The Meetup group met there (Traveling Psychic Supper Club Meetup on if you are interested – I’m about to start adding events there again).  It was a beautiful evening here is the video.  If you want me to play the bowls for you in my studio in a private session, or in your home for a group, let me know.  I’ve also played them for a very special Newborn’s nursery and for those nearing End of Life, and would love to play your wedding or special event.  Here’s the video from the Black Gazebo.

I also have a youtube channel – Traveling Psychic Supper Club.

Here’s the link:

I’m on instagram too: @travelingpsychic – I post upcoming events there too, and when I’m traveling so I can connect with people faster than through the blog.  And I’m doing some events in Austin and Dallas and Houston soon.

I’m running out of time but I’ll post them here SOON!  Right now I’m getting ready for a private dinner out of town, so have to sign off for now.  I’d love to hear from you and how you’ve been – the blog used to be how I communicated with everyone but I’ve been off for so long – I’d love to reconnect with my people and hope everyone is doing well!  XO – Deb