Warning:  Before reading please know this is not a typical post.  Having said that please know it will include the following:  a photo from the Driskill, a list of numbers I’ve seen today, a (possibly) haunted shopping cart and some stuff about EAST.   Also, I’m working on my email list for the newsletter.  If you want to be included email me @ deborah@travelingpsychicsupperclub.com or if you already follow the blog you should get it.  I’ll only put out like one a month so don’t get too excited about it.  I’m not great at this  tech stuff but we’ll see what happens.  This post is kind of a clearing of my mind before moving into that.  Oh, also I wanted to share something wonderful that LITERALLY fell into my inbox today.  God I love the way the universe works…


Went out again yesterday to experience Art on the East side.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating – GO!  This is going on again next weekend and there are other event’s going on throughout the week.  Here’s a link:


Some places definitely worth checking out:

ARTPOST – stop 119 – this place is like a commune of studios.  Massive.  Lots of very different types of works.  A favorite of mine there was Cherie Weaver #119v – here is her hand made business/art card.

Talk about dedicated.  She was lovely and told me this may be the last year for these cards, so I thought I’d share it on the blog – for all to see.

It was recommended to me by the most adorable little thing I’ve ever seen – Katie Pipin – an artist from

Wardenclyffe Gallery – stop 18.  I saw this in her space and asked her about it…

It was standing on a desk, displayed but not marked.  I loved it immediately – right up my alley – and approached the girl at the desk to ask.  She said, “oh, that’s mine…let’s see, $20?”  – this is what happens at EAST.  This piece isn’t for everyone, it’s painted on an old (broken) metal tray.  It’s got a tiny cobweb in the corner.  I love it.  I loved Katie.  Now it’s mine.  This photo does not do it justice, but what can you do?

Other great spaces include Nathan Sanchez – stop 17 – chickens in the back, a plus.  Always want to see other people’s chicken setups for ideas…

House of Debauch – Clair LaVaye – stop 6 – this one’s in a house too.  Don’t let that stop you.  It’s worth stopping in. Clair makes bad ass art AND super delicious chocolate chip  and molasses cookies.  If you get a cookie, it’s your lucky day.

OK so enough about EAST.  I guess I’m going backwards on the list, par for the course today anyway.  While at the grocery store picking up more cold medicine this cart was sitting completely still and began to roll away from me a handful of times.  When I stopped to take this picture (yes crazy psychic lady takes photo of haunted cart at the HEB) I thought in my head, someone is going to ask me for this cart before I can even take the picture.  Then right then “Are you done with that cart?”  I had to get a laugh in and tell the woman it was haunted, that’s why I was photographing it.  Either way, it was weird.  Here’s the photo.  You decide.  Or get a laugh.  Either works for me.

Here’s the list of numbers I’ve seen today.





Here is a photo of the first Dinner group at the Driskill with Harrison, our guide.

Kirby was trying to hide behind me I think.  Bob succeeded in hiding behind Lacey.  Overall, a pretty good pic of everyone.  Normally the group is much more casual, but since it was the Halloween event, we dressed up to different degrees…

And Last but not Least – check out this beautiful photography by http://patricklatterphoto.com

My favorite one I couldn’t put up here, it’s the first one on his page, which won’t let you pull pics off, tricky little Patrick know’s what’s up.  But I got these off the internet.  Hopefully Patrick will not be mad at me.  All the other pics on this page are mine, but these last two beauties are all his.  Go check out his page.  NOW.  Serenity awaits you.

Now it’s time to enjoy some coconut soup.  Not quite Tom Kha but sickly little spaced out beggars can’t be choosers.