Saturday evening at Hoover’s was our first dinner of the year – 1 down, 11 to go.

This dinner was a little…disconnected. To start off I do need to say, Hoover’s is home cooking. Comfort food to the MAX. I had – what you must have at a place like Hoover’s – Chicken Fried Steak. Mashed Potatoes. Gravy. Fried Okra (which was top notch) and Mac and Cheese. Heart Healthy…probably not so much. But Delicious. We sat right in the middle of the restaurant, which, in hindsite wasn’t the best spot for conversation, Hoover’s is LOUD LOUD LOUD…so we had dinner there and then went to Bennu, staying on the East Side.

But back to disconnections. We were very spread out on one long table. So it made it very hard to talk from one end to the other. One note: Hoover’s does have a private room, which I didn’t know about, otherwise we definitely would have utilized it! Kirby was way at one end, Lacey and Susan all the way at the other. Kirby felt so far away…so it made it hard to talk. Adriana and Deana were new, and I wish they could have gotten a fuller experience – but from what I heard they were happy enough and will be back – yippee!

So one of the reasons for the Disconnect – we’ve been working on a pretty big project – that is still kind of hush hush – but it’s been on all of our minds so there was a little discussion here and there about that. A couple of us did decide however afterwards – no more outside stuff! We are the Traveling Psychic Supper Club, and we need to focus on psychic stuff. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the true purpose, when things feel…disconnected. There was some timely conversation about how a book I’ve been reading fit in perfectly with a situation that has been wrapping itself up in my life – and how external things come to us at just the right times…a book, a movie, a conversation – that can shed relevant light on a current situation. So I think, this project and the discussion about it was perfect for this dinner, but moving forward, will not be relevant again. Once we are all systems go – there won’t be a need.

So we ended up at Bennu – (losing Kirby along the way, then Susan, John and Adriana and Deana while we were there, but picking up Christine and Chris)- a great late night coffee shop/art gallery/workspace on MLK. 2013-01-26 19.07.31It was a little warm inside – it had been warm at Hoover’s too, so we opted for the outside seating. We could really spread out and talk which was nice, being able to hear each other, which wasn’t an option at Hoover’s. We had a little chat then a couple of us moved on to the Pump Project for an opening, that was from 7-10 and was still in full swing when we got there. So much in full swing in fact that it was a little overwhelming – all those people in such a bright white space was a lot for the empaths in us. Kelly and Lacey split after just a while – Jim and I left shortly after. The evening was kind of like a progressive dinner – that started with dinner! We moved from space to space, losing some, picking up some, and ending with Art. It wasn’t a normal dinner, it was a bit disconnected, but it was what it was, the first dinner of the year. 🙂

2013-01-26 20.44.18

Oh yes, and we said farewell for now to Bobbie, who has flown away to create her way.  Bye Bobbie!  You’ll always be a member of TPSC!  All our best, and keep in touch… Anyone have anything to add?